Bluetooth Module Voice Controlled Smart Wheelchair

Title: Bluetooth Module Voice Controlled Smart Wheelchair
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2249-9946
Series: Volume 11 Issue 1
Authors: Mahima Dewangan, Nupur Ravi, Jyoti Verma


This paper introduces the concept of an intelligent, voice activated, embedded machine wheelchair. The idea is to build a wheelchair which supports the physically different people's voice activation device where voice commands are applied to monitor wheelchair movements. Bluetooth module HC-05 is also used for operation of the Wheelchair in connection to an Arduino board and for the Bluetooth module to the Bluetooth application. Braille keypad also allows the operation of the wheelchair by visually disabled persons. The goal of this research project is to equip a voice command system along with Bluetooth with the current motorized wheelchair control system. The aim of this research project is to provide the current motorized wheelchair system with a voice control system and a low-cost, user-friendly Bluetooth and Braille Keypad system. With these features, people with a specific impairment, including those who are unable to move or see like ordinary people, may move on their own.


Arduino Uno, Wheelchair, Voice Recognition, Braille keypad, IR Sensor, DC motor.

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