Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Body Area Network Applications

Title: Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Body Area Network Applications
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2249-9946
Series: Volume 11 Issue 1
Authors: Himanshu Garg, Chahat Goyal, Nikhil Arora, Dinesh Sharma


The swift progress of technology and IoT wearable devices has amplified the demand for WBAN applications. Also, to reduce the dimensions of the device and enhance energy consumption, it is quite essential to function on advancing flexible antennas that may be embedded into various applications. The literature survey of the existing wearable patch antennas is also examined. The microstrip patch antenna for future WBAN is proposed. The antenna dimensions are 40mm X 34mm X 1.26mm including the ground plane which is designed using Bedsheet Cotton as substrate with dielectric loss tangent 0.00786 and relative permittivity 3.27. HFSS 13.0 has been used for simulation. The antenna is made to work at 3.32GHz, 5.52GHz, 5.86GHz, and 6.77GHz having the return loss of –12.74dB, –22.94 dB, -40.53dB, and –22.09 dB, respectively. This makes the antenna suitable for the upcoming generation of Wireless Body Area Network applications. The antenna structure along with various parameters such as the S11 parameter, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), Radiation pattern, are discussed in this paper.


WBAN, the micro-strip patch antenna, VSWR, return loss, UWB, high-frequency structure simulator (HFSS).

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