Smart Spectacles for the Visually Impaired

Title: Smart Spectacles for the Visually Impaired
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2249-9946
Series: Volume 11 Issue 1
Authors: Tejas V M, Charlotte Jennifer Philips, Shalini S, Asha S Manek


The visually impaired people face a lot of difficulties in moving and transporting from one place to another. The visually impaired, include people who may lack depth perception, peripheral vision, or even have splotches in their vision. A visually impaired person needs to be aware and orient himself whenever he is outside. There is also the hazard of unpaved roads, large potholes, and debris on the road. They are also very prone to accidents. Our main aim is to create a wearable safety device called VisionX that will assist and aid the visually impaired which will help them to detect obstacles and objects in their path which in turn enables them to walk independently without necessarily having to use a cane or any other traditional walking device. Our wearable device will also be able to identify text, and even registered faces, signs, and boards in the user’s surroundings. The device will provide the output in the form of audio to the user via an earpiece or headphones. The project implements object detection, text detection, and facial recognition to provide an upper hand to the visually impaired people in this challenging world.


Visually impaired, Blind, Smart specs, Ultra- sonic sensor, Raspberry Pi 4, OpenCV, YOLO Algorithm, COCO Dataset, EAST Algorithm, Haar Cascade, Festival

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