Experimental Investigations of Dual Purpose Air Conditioner and Water Cooler

Title: Experimental Investigations of Dual Purpose Air Conditioner and Water Cooler
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2581-7019
Series: Volume 2 Issue 2 (Jul-Dec 2019)
Authors: M Ravindra


Refrigeration and air conditioning have significant role in the daily activities of living species, particularly in the hot regions of the world. They are useful in the preservation of perishable items, storage of pharmaceutical drugs, or effective performance of a scientific process, controlling of an atmospheric environment either for human/animal thermal comfort. This investigation is aimed at the design, construction, performance evaluation of a dual purpose domestic refrigeration system, that can simultaneously function as an air conditioner and as well as water cooler. The refrigeration system employed was a vapor compression system. The dual purpose Air-Conditioner and Water cooler test setup is designed, fabricated to determine the performance of the system, and analyze the various parameters affecting its performance. The specifications of all the components are mentioned in the document. The performance of an air-conditioner is expressed in terms of co-efficient of performance. For Dual Purpose System i) Air-Conditioner with Water Cooler, COP is 2.07 ii) Air-Conditioner with Water Cooler is 2.28. and there is no much significance reduction of performance when the system is used for dual purpose.


Dual Purpose Air-conditioning and Water cooler System; Coefficient of Performance

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