An Overview - An Accelerometer Based Robot Motion

Title: An Overview - An Accelerometer Based Robot Motion
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2581-7019
Series: Volume 2 Issue 2 (Jul-Dec 2019)
Authors: P Manasa Palle, R Uday Kumar


The objective of this work is to minimize human casualties in hazardous conditions like in chemical related factories, fire accident places, mining areas where human cannot be enter. It is to design a robot having a wireless camera mounted on it, so that it can monitor target remotely when it required. It can silently enter into the target location and send us all the information through its tiny camera eyes. This robot can also be used of surveillance purpose. Accelerometer based control of an industrial robotic arm proposed an accelerometer based system to control an industrial robot sing two low cost and small 3axis wireless accelerometers. These accelerometers are attached to human harms, capturing its behavior with the help of accelerometer gestures.


Wireless; Camera; Robot; Accelerometer

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