Design and Analysis of Mixed Flow Modified Pump using Various Blade Angle

Title: Design and Analysis of Mixed Flow Modified Pump using Various Blade Angle
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2581-7019
Series: Volume 2 Issue 2 (Jul-Dec 2019)
Authors: T R Chinnusamy, S Durairaj, E Balaji, K Parthiban


Mixed flow pumps are a combination of both axial and radial flow pumps. In present days, they are having a wide range of applications. The impeller blade designing of mixed flow pump has always been a difficult task, the reason being it requires a lot of designing parameter to be considered for successful designing. When compared with radial and axial flow turbomachines, the mixed flow type of turbo-machines always get less importance for these complexities in their designing process. This complexity arises because of the complicated blade and geometry of fluid flow passage. Impeller is considered as one of the most important components in a mixed flow pump for the flow passage. The main objective is to improve the mixed flow pump efficiency and power up to 5-10% by using the method of varying the inlet and outlet blade angle. The three dimensional flow field of the whole flow passage of mixed flow pump in existing impeller and new impeller was optimally designed and numerically simulated using CFD software. The numerically simulation results show that the hydraulic performance of the mixed flow pump. By varying inlet and outlet blade angle with increasing and decreasing 10-20% with respect to design angle, the performance of pump has been analyzed. The modified eight blade design has improved efficiency of 5% when compared with existing six blade design.


Mixed Flow Pumps; Impeller Blade; Turbo-Machines; Vane Angle; CFD; Blade Angle

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